Problems Facing the VR Industry

Though VR seems to be a viable investment where companies will be able to generate huge profits by investing in the field, this is not the case. The people who are in the business of making VR devices are still struggling to find out how they will be able to sell their idea to the people especially those in the business field.




Here are some of the main challenges that the VR industry is facing:

  • High cost of VR devices: Most of the people who would be the greatest customers cannot afford to buy a VR device. The younger generation who are still in school and do not have a source of income would gladly use the VR devices but unfortunately, the cost is too high for them. On the other hand, the companies that make the VR devices cannot be able to lower the prices due to the high cost of making the devices.
  • Effects on the users’ health: People who have been using VR devices for a prolonged period have been reported to suffer from headaches, blurred vision, and nausea, among other side effects. There are temporary side effects and no conclusive research has been done to determine if there are permanent implications that could result from the use of a VR device. This has made people fear using the devices especially those who are very conscious about their health status.
  • VR devices are perceived as a gimmick: Most of the people view VR devices as items that will be used to play video games. A person who has no interest in playing video games would, therefore, not be interested in buying such a device. The companies that make these devices should conduct extensive marketing to educate the public on how the VR devices can be of importance to them besides playing video games.
  • Lack of plans to monetize the VR devices: most of the people in the business works want to buy products that will bring in more income which is not the case with virtual reality devices. The companies that make the devices need to conduct proper training so that people can understand the importance of VR and how using these devices will positively impact their lives.

The VR industry is still very young and nothing much is being done to make more people understand how the devices will improve their lives. All that most people understand at this time is that the VR devices are for playing video games which will not bring them any income. If the concerned parties will be able to educate the public on how they can monetize the VR devices, the problem that VR devices manufacturers are facing will be over.

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