Oculus Bringing Rift and Go VR Headsets to Classrooms

Oculus is an American technology company whose area of specialty is in the production of virtual reality hardware and software products. Among their most talked about products are the Oculus Rift headset and the Oculus Go headset.

Oculus, which is owned by Facebook, has decided to tap into the classroom market by introducing the Rift and the Go virtual reality headsets. The distribution of these headsets will start in selected institutes in Seattle, Taiwan, and Japan and will be aimed at helping students in their history, sciences, and cultural studies.

The department dealing with education in Oculus is focused on training teachers on how they can use virtual reality technology in their teaching. The Rift and the Go VR headsets will be placed in libraries, selected museums, and some schools as well to sell how well they can be incorporated into the schools learning programs.

In their pilot program, Oculus has already donated some Rift VR headsets to 90 libraries in California. The schools that will benefit from the VR headsets will be required to provide feedback in regards to the lessons they have learned, and how their experiences have been when using the headsets. This information will be used when rolling out their Rift and Go VR headset programs in the future.

The students in the classrooms today have a more advanced digital knowledge which means that the introduction of the Rift and Go VR headsets will help in getting them more attentive in their studies. Some of the complex subjects such as science will be easier to understand and the students will be more engaged in the classroom affairs.

Unlike the normal classroom situation where it will be easy to get the students distracted, having a VR will capture the full concentration of the students and the teachers as well. This will improve the overall performance of the students. A student who finds it hard to understand when a teacher is explaining a point will have a better understanding of the subject since he will see the practical bit of what the topic is about.

School going kids will fondly remember their first virtual reality experience courtesy of Oculus generosity to introduce Rift and Go VR headsets to their classrooms. The success of this trial period will determine how the program will be rolled out to other states so that every child can have a firsthand knowledge of what VR entails.

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