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How to watch free VR porn on PS4

  It’s a really easy process to watch beautiful and hot young actresses perform in full 3D glory with the Littlestar VR Cinema app for PS4. Playstation VR has become an everyday and normal go-to device for many gamers and video viewers and it’s easy to forecast an increased explosion or boom  in the interest levels for PSVR porn. PSVR marked the first step in the process of virtual reality becoming a household technology for the public. Playstation and its community of gamers have always been a driving force when it comes to innovations and virtual reality has proved to be no exception like the others.

  Over the years to watch Virtual Reality videos, the PSVR made used of a media player which was built into the PS4 console. This app, while in VR Mode, allows for all round degree porn to be moved across the entire PSVR field of vision. This is can be called the  ‘360 mono wrap-around video’ and has a decent viewing experience when combined with 360 videos. It should be noted that these videos are not 3D. While the conventional ‘flat video porn sites’ could be accessed and their videos watched on the PSVR cinematic screen in full detail, that was never the normal and original use for such a strong and mighty VR viewing device (headset).

Here are 7  basic steps to ensure that VR porn can be watched on PS4:

Step 1: Viewers should head over to the PlayStation Store on their PC, navigate to the section for apps and choose the download for LITTLSTAR VR Cinema. This app has a free offering which means that it includes some free content and most importantly, it also enables 3D VR videos to be played on the PSVR headset.

Step 2: Once the download is done, viewers can go ahead and must take any VR porn videos in which they want to view and they would have to transfer them onto a USB flash drive which would be compatible with PS4. This USB could be either exFAT or FAT32 formatted.

Step 3: open a folder on the USB Flash drive titled ‘LITTLESTAR’

Step 4: Go to and then download new PSVR 3D 180 or PSVR 3D 360 videos, then move these videos into the ‘LITTLESTAR’ folder on the USB Flash drive. Note that All Round degree videos will give you full scene immersion but may largely affect the qualityof the images.

Step 5: You now need to input another name for the file. Call the file either: porno_180_sbs.mp4 or porno_360_sbs.mp4. It doesn’t matter what you input in form of “porno”, the important part is to ennsure that the end of the file is labelled as _180_sbs.mp4 or _360_sbs.mp4 all these should depending on whether you’ve downloaded a 180 degree or 360 degree video. If you have downloaded a 360 3D adult movie and it refuses to display in the app, try to rename the file to myvideo_360_ou.mp4.

Step 6: Move all your 3D VR porn videos into the ‘LITTLESTAR’ folder. This is required so that the videos can be played by the Littlstar VR Cinema app.

Step 7: Remove the drive from your PC and plug it into your PS4’s USB port. Turn on the system and open up the Littlestar VR Cinema app with your PSVR headset on, navigate to the Library, choose a video and enjoy!.